ES9038Q2M or Topping d10s

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ES9038Q2M or Topping d10s

Postby Ohrus » 06 Jan 2023, 21:15

Hi Folks,

till before two years i used rune on my raspberry pi 3 combined with IQaudio. But the sound gap between this setup and my Marantz SA15S1 was to big. In that teime i heard something from Audiophonics and there solution with an ES9038Q2M-Soundboard on a raspberry pi 4.

But up todoay i did'nt get any good result to listening and handl my data. Actualy i do to used to become a picoreplayer image to run. But it is so difficult to config it.

I remember rune as one of the best solutions on my pi, but as i began with the ES9038Q2M card rune had no drivers for them.

How is it today? Are drivers includet for ES9038Q2M?

If rune do not run on the pi4, perhabs a Topping D10s was a way. But with what digital output card for pi 3?

I hope you can help, because in the moment i must hear music with the creepy dmp 20 from china. A massive chunk of metal with many many errors.
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Re: ES9038Q2M or Topping d10s

Postby Tallay » 24 Aug 2023, 09:27

Any update? I have the same questiontiny fishing
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