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editing a playlist

Postby tsawyer » 05 Feb 2021, 01:12

running rune v202101311 on a pi3. when I was running 0.5 I used to be able to drag n drop a song from position 6 to position 2. when I do it now it automatically plays. my playlist is usually let's say a normal cd arranged in the order listed on the cd cover. sometimes I want to hear certain songs from the cd so I would want to move the song order to suit my desires.

ie, I want to hear moving pix, browsing to the usb, I select add and the 7 songs are loaded.
\Rush\Moving Pictures\01 Tom Sawyer - Rush - Moving Pictures .mp3
\Rush\Moving Pictures\02 Red Barchetta - Rush - Moving Pictures .mp3
\Rush\Moving Pictures\03 YYZ - Rush - Moving Pictures .mp3
\Rush\Moving Pictures\04 Limelight - Rush - Moving Pictures .mp3
\Rush\Moving Pictures\05 The Camera Eye - Rush - Moving Pictures .mp3
\Rush\Moving Pictures\06 Witch Hunt - Rush - Moving Pictures .mp3
\Rush\Moving Pictures\07 Vital Signs - Rush - Moving Pictures .mp3

if I want to hear vital signs after tom sawyer, how could I move that file to play 2nd? I'm sure this is a function added to rune e6 but I only tried this tonite to see I was doing something wrong. does anyone know how to do this, I'm really assuming this is a pbkas error.
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