Digi-out -> plop, when started

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Digi-out -> plop, when started

Postby Fito » 16 Jul 2020, 07:05

Hi all,

I'm using a Raspberry Pi3 with Runeaudio 0.5.
The output is a digital AES/EBU XLR panel from audiophonics.fr feeding into a Behringer DCX2496.
Everything works fine, but with one ungly detail.
When I start Runeaudio, no source is playing. The first source I use is typically an internet radio stream.
When it starts, a big plop noise occurs.

To avoid this, I need to mute all the Behringer channels manually.

I assume, there is a wrong 0-point crossing, when enabling the audio stream.

One idea, which came to my mind is, to plug in a USB device with only one track, which contains 0-bit.
This should be started in all cases automatically.

But I didn't manage to do so.

Another thing is, that I coldstart and hardshut the Raspberry.
When I do a reboot, there is a plop at the end, but none at the boot (because Autoplay of the last source is active)

Is there a possibility to have started the audiostream with a 0bit in any cases ?

Best Regards
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