Customizing UI the amateur way

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Customizing UI the amateur way

Postby DannyB » 03 Apr 2020, 19:06

Hello. 3 weeks ago I got a Pi4b and some other bits and bobs. 5" capacitive touch screen 800x480 res, some cables, some prototype boards....You know it, you get a new toy, you buy a lot of accesories :) With which you have no idea ho to use.
I am a complete novice in all this programming, and learning as I go.
I have tried plenty OS distros to build myself a nice Hi-res transport, which will feed a naniDigi with 4 DAC's for my JBL based monitors.
So ended with the latest +R e3 distro from RERN. What an awesome guy to do all this work. Finaly got the sound to work too, previous version didnt worked for me.
Then I started to play with the UI. On a very basic level. What I wanted was a HDMI UI which shows only the necessary. i.e. Artist, Song, BITRATE, coverart and elapsed time.
This is what I ended up with.

I repeat, have totaly no idea what im doing here. On a Microsoft surface go the UI looks the same, gonna try it on an android phone, because there the orientation is portrait. Hope it will be ok.

BTW, have a Allo Digione on order as well.
Still looking for suitable linear power supply and/or battery powered. I want to have clean supply of volts to the Rpi.

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