Cue Sheet behaviour

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Cue Sheet behaviour

Postby meobeou » 23 Jan 2019, 09:26

Hi all, I have searched the forum for information about how cue sheet are managed (I also searched mpd docs and wikis to understand, but not much information was found) so I am here to ask the community.

I have a few CDs in my collection that I ripped to single flac files with a cue sheet. I wish to make it clear that I prefer that for gapless playback, to reduce the number of files on my NAS and to have a more efficient network, please do not suggest to rip to individual files if that is all you can bring to the table.

The question is: when the MPD library is rebuilt, are cue files parsed and individual songs added or just the single flac is added? Are the individual songs listed in the cue sheets searchable? It seems to me that the individual songs are not searchable, seriously limiting how cue sheet can be useful.

It seems cue sheets are treated more like playlists than what they are supposed to be (metadata describing the table of content for a CD).

Any help about this? Anybody managed to have individual songs in the cue sheets to be searchable by title or artist?

I am using RuneAudio release version: 0.4 (build: beta-20160313) from Audiophonics on a Raspberry Pi 3.

Thanx in advance.

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