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connecting to share

Postby tsawyer » 14 Feb 2021, 20:41

running raudio 1, 20210209 on a pi3. I attempted to connect to a nas to centralize my library and seem to have a issues make it work. when I go to sources, devices, +, select cifs and populate the info, I do get a confirmation mounted. but that's where it ends. I do not see anything new as a source, selecting nas as a source just goes back to the same point where I started. has anyone been able to connect to a nas for a library?
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Re: connecting to share

Postby Ears of Tin » 15 Feb 2021, 06:27

Try a library update. Settings gear icon, update button to right of "Library”. There was some discussion and revisions to automatic updates on connecting USB drives. I'm connected to NAS but I don't remember how first time connection behaved for me.
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