[DONE] clear Playlist

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[DONE] clear Playlist

Postby a1exandros » 10 Feb 2014, 21:47

It would be nice to be able to

  1. completely clear the playlist with one click.
  2. select multiple songs within the playlist and remove them.
  3. change the order of songy within the playlist by drag-and-drop.

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Re: clear Playlist

Postby ACX » 10 Feb 2014, 22:15

Hi a1exandros,
  1. I only have to decide where to put it :) There is a workaround that you can use in the meanwhile: do an "Add, replace and play" from the context menu. Tricky, but it works;
  2. I've already considered some solutions to achieve this feature. I'm going to introduce them in 0.4 or 0.5 version;
  3. same as point 2.
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Re: clear Playlist

Postby furious_styles » 11 Feb 2014, 19:00

I'd like to 2nd this request, it would certainly make the playlist 100% more useful. I'm glad to hear the option is being worked out. Keep up the great work!
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