Cant boot RPi3B+ (0.5beta)

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Cant boot RPi3B+ (0.5beta)

Postby GlennS » 24 Apr 2020, 10:22

I'm experienced linux user, but fairly new to RPi. I have a Pi3B+ that I'm playing with and a PCM5122 DAC HAT.
I started out by loading the Voluxxx image (sorry) and everything works fine. But I want to include other features to control some in-house electronics via I2C so the rather protected environment of V-o doesn't suit me.
So I found and loaded the 0.5Beta image for RuneAudio - (20180903_10_runeaudio_rpiB2.img) - but I can't get it to start properly. It starts to boot, gets to the point of reporting (on HDMI screen) "/dev/mmcbk0p2: clean..." and then nothing else (no prompt). At the same time, after some activity on the network, there is no network connection - no IP Addr allocation. I only use ethernet, no WiFi.
I've spent hours going round in circles modifying the dhcpcd.config and other things, but to no avail. Even with the DAC HAT removed the symptoms are the same. I've also gone back to the clean 0.5beta image - always the same symptoms. As soon as I go back to Raspian or Volxxio, everything works just fine.
Any ideas, please?
P.S. My network addresses are : could that be a problem (I saw something about an internal WiFi address or something) ?
Screenshot_network-config.png (51.93 KiB) Viewed 483 times

To answer my own question, "Yes - I think it does !" :P
I borrowed a router using a more normal range, AND IT WORKS! The above screenshot shows 1) that I have an connection and I can connect; 2) the WiFi AP is using *MY* network adress range.
So my question becomes : how can I connect RuneAudio to a IP4 network ?
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Re: Cant boot RPi3B+ (0.5beta)

Postby GlennS » 24 Apr 2020, 17:42

What I've found, that works :
    Turn off WiFi in config.txt
    Modify the WiFi WAP dns file, /etc/dnsmasq.conf :
Code: Select all
<pre># DHCP-Server for WIFI-Interface

# exclude DHCP-Server for ethernet

# IPv4 address-range and lease-time


... to change .5. to .6.
Now all is fine!
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