Beaglebone Uboot phy address issue

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Beaglebone Uboot phy address issue

Postby sarang » 03 Sep 2014, 10:12

Hi all,
I am facing problem with beaglebone U-boot Phy address.
The PHY on the Beaglebone board apparently does not come up at address 0 on the MDIO control bus. From the previous power up tests, it seems to come up at address 2,. When I previously discussed this with the application engineer from Micrel (PHY vendor), he suggested that maybe the software could automatically detect which address the PHY is on (like 0 or 1 or 2, etc.) and use that from then on instead if always being on address 0.
My question is how to support for address 2 as well as addrees 0 so whenever it comes at either of those Ethernet should work?

Any possible changes in u-boot and linux point of view

kindly reply

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