automatated task of updating library

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automatated task of updating library

Postby tsawyer » 23 Aug 2021, 22:32

running 20210601 build on pi3b 1.2 which connects to a samba share. I update music on the share almost weekly so I'd like to see if there is an automated task that can be set/run to update the library. since the share is around 150 gb it takes a little while for rune to update the library to find all the items. I'd like to be able to have the library update at like 2am mon morning and let the process take place when I am not going to use it.

yes, running an older version. one thing I had issues with during upgrades was losing the share. did not occur everytime but it happened frequently enough. I spent more time: deleting a share then adding a 'new' share then rebuilding a library as opposed to a simple upgrade. I just stayed on a single version. it wasn't worth asking about the issue of losing access to a share during upgrades when it was most likely was not occurring to everyone. the dev team has fixed a lot of bigger issues, I did not want to pick on every possible nuance
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