All-In-One - Play and Rip Project

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All-In-One - Play and Rip Project

Postby westrock2000 » 17 Aug 2017, 21:18

I am working on a project to have an all-in-one player/ripper.

The RuneAudio software is great for the playback aspect. But I had to come up with a solution for the ripping part. The system is using a full size 5.25" optical drive because I tried several slim/laptop optical drives and they all either ripped slow or were prone to errors. Music is stored to a 1TB 3.5" HDD.

ABCDE is utlized for ripping to FLAC. There is a trigger that detects an audio cd being inserted and kicks off ABCDE. I couldn't get MusicBrainz to work so I am using CDDB. But since I listen to some Japanese composers so I had to make a script that watches CDDB to make sure it gets the english version of tag info instead of Japanese.

Since CDDB could still get stuff wrong I had to write a webpage for RuneAudio that allows for tags to be changed and artwork to be changed.

I also updated the display for the LOCAL ONLY version of the screen to maximize the display.

The system will also backup the harddrive if a external hard drve is connected.

I hadn't done any Python before this, so the web interfaces are rough...but they work.

Still have several hardware things to update.



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Re: All-In-One - Play and Rip Project

Postby Kilgore » 18 Aug 2017, 01:56

Great project Westrock! Very interested to see how it progresses.

I originally had similar thoughts. Years ago when I first saw the Olive CD ripper/network player I thought wow, what a great idea. I gotta build myself one.
However I have now taken the easy route and just use Rune as a stand alone player and do my ripping with EAC on my PC.

Good luck and keep us posted. :)
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Re: All-In-One - Play and Rip Project

Postby hondagx35 » 18 Aug 2017, 08:11

Hi westrock2000,

thank you for posting this, i like it.

Have you seen this thread?

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Re: All-In-One - Play and Rip Project

Postby westrock2000 » 20 Aug 2017, 20:34

Yes that was one of the threads I used as reference. I tried to get MusicBrainz working but I just couldn't. CDDB works pretty well on most mainstream stuff, just is iffy on the non-American music.

I have some stuff on the way to make adjustable USB power outputs for the Raspberry PI cause I get the little rainbow block anytime it has to do anything other than sit idle. This will allow me to up the voltage slightly over 5V (using the ATX 12V supply).
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Re: All-In-One - Play and Rip Project

Postby splatkillwill » 28 Dec 2020, 20:05

I have this same exact case I'm tying to use for a HTPC build but can't for the life of me figure out how to mount the 5.25" optical drive. I think I'm missing hardware like a rail or something.

Can you please show me how yours is mounted or any info (make/model) you have on the case that will help me look up replacement parts?
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Re: All-In-One - Play and Rip Project

Postby eea123 » 31 Dec 2020, 11:47

westrock2000: Very nice. Anything less than the $1200 commercial products featured in the Critchfield catalog and you are money ahead. :D

splatkillwill: I resorted to making my own mounting rail for a HDD on an old PC/XT years ago using some 1/2" wide flat aluminum stock cut to length over one of the bus slots. I already had a blank slot cover that had 1/4" mounting tabs and the plastic receiving rails were already on the opposite side of the case for large expansion cards. Minor tools, hack saw and drill. I insulated any potential contact areas with electrical tap just in case, but the mount was very secure.
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