Adding search results to the queue

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Adding search results to the queue

Postby colins » 24 Jun 2018, 17:27

One of the features that is missing from V0.3 is the ability to add the results of a DB search to the queue. I have seen some interest here to have the feature added.
Because I agree it is needed I have hacked my installation to add it. I have attached a screenshot.
I'd like to share my work so others can use it but don't want to spend the time to create an add-on or add it to the GIT project if it's a feature that will be in the next release, or is of little interest.
Feedback would be appreciated. :D
Appears on Library page if search results are not zero.
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Progress popups
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Re: Adding search results to the queue

Postby ACX » 04 Jul 2018, 17:30

Hi colins,
This is an interesting feature we could add to the currently work in progress 2.0. Since its code will be completely different, I'd suggest you to wait until we publish a firts alpha and the repositories. Feel free to ping me when that happens :) (no ETA about it)
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Re: Adding search results to the queue

Postby colins » 04 Jul 2018, 19:15

Thanks for your feedback.
Besides this addition (which I have significantly streamlined since posting this thread) I have continued to fix bugs and add features to 0.3. This is primarily because I want the features now, not some unknown time in the future. :D
One weak area of 0.3 is in the MPD DB search. The simple search only searches in the file name, and the Artist and Genre search on the main page are both broken (although I fixed mine!).
To that end I added an advanced search dialog which permits 3 search terms to be searched in any tag (or all), such as genre, title, etc. and the results combined together, with duplicates removed. The dialog is activated by an icon right next to the magnifying glass icon for the simple search.
This gives me a way to say, for example, "Find all songs of genre Pop plus all songs by The Beatles plus all from the album Revolver" (a contrived example I know!). But with this flexibility and the ability to then add the result to the queue, it's a useful combination.
If you'd like to see screen shots let me know. I can also give you the patched files if you want, although my guess is that the 2.0 code is so different as to not be much value.
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