Abacus AroioDAC Working with Runeaudio

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Abacus AroioDAC Working with Runeaudio

Postby PieterDV » 03 Mar 2020, 15:33


Recently I discovered this website and it took me a lot of time to find the correct image that could run on my Rasp 3B+. The one in the download section was not working for me. After a day of troubleshooting and experimenting I found the correct image somewhere in this forum. This is really great software! :-) So good, that I am going to buy a real soundcard.

I was thinking on buying a rasptouch DIY set on this website : https://shop.max2play.com/en/7inch-meta ... m_store=de

I would like to buy the best card of this site; I believe this is for me the "Abacus AroioDAC".

But can somebody confirm that this card will work with Runeaudio ?

Many thanks and kind regards,
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