0.3-beta for Rpi has a release date

RuneAudio 0.3-beta is out

Finally, after many months of development and public alpha-version testing, the long awaited RuneAudio 0.3-beta for Rpi is complete and will be ready to download on October 29th 2014.

Those who participated in the 0.3-alpha testing have already experienced the many improvements introduced from the 0.2-beta (some of them were anticipated in this blog post).

The 0.3-beta is a further improvement over the alpha which includes many bug fixes and some new interesting features such as the heavily requested Spotify Premium integration (official announcement here) and UPnP/DLNA capability with OpenHome support.

You can see the LONG full changelog here.

A huge thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to support us during development with feedback, suggestions, donations and every other kind of help. It has been very much appreciated.