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Spotify - how to install

Postby stefan2140 » 06 Jan 2019, 21:08

I run runeaudio on a raspberry pi 3. No DAC or so attached for the moment.

I want to integrate spotify in my sources.
In the settings page, I try to set the 'on' button in the spotify section.
It isn't the same colour blue as the selected buttons in the other sections.
I have set my spotify- username and password. I'm sure it are the right ones, as I'm sure I have spotify premium.

In the sources section, I can click the spotify-section.
If I click the library button I get a screen with 'favorites', but I don't see any spotify playlists.

So, I'm missing some point...

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Re: Spotify - how to install

Postby janui » 06 Jan 2019, 22:10

Hi stefan2140,
stefan2140 wrote:I want to integrate spotify in my sources.
Sorry, it wont work any more. Spotify changed their software and the RuneAudio interfaces to it no longer work. For details, see here: post25345.html?hilit=spotify%20janui#p25345
There are instructions for installing Spotify Connect on the forum, see here: spotify-connect-on-runeaudio-t6315.html#p25010
As an alternative, if you access Spotify using your smartphone/tablet/laptop you can stream music to RuneAudio using Airplay (for Apple) or UPnP / DLNA (for Android/Microsoft).
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