Runeaudio UX "locks" if radio station is "dead"?

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Runeaudio UX "locks" if radio station is "dead"?

Postby number9 » 27 Nov 2016, 22:13

So, I have been using RuneAudio player for some time now. I not so recently switched to a new Raspberry Pi 2 and all has been working well until recently. After my latest upgrade which I performed with:

rm -rf /var/www/{*,.*}
git clone -b dev /var/www
curl -s http://localhost/clear

Whenever I place a radio station (from Dirble or my own finding) into the queue, if the radio station is "dead" (meaning it does not play), portions of the RuneAudio user interface will no longer function. For example, Play/Pause has no effect. Stop has no effect. I can click on other radio stations OR files in the queue, but that has no response. Logging into the Pi and restarting nginx has no effect. Performing a curl -s http://localhost/clear just hangs there and does not return control of the console. It is as if the website has somewhat crashed BUT, I can still do things like click around, browse the library, etc. However, I can not add music to the queue or stop/play/skip or do anything to get off of the radio station that is dead.

I know, the simplest solution is to not play those stations, but stations seem to come and go, and I have some queues with large lists of stations that I like. When I skip to one that is "dead", I have to physically shut down the Pi, as the shutdown or reboot command also hang.

Anyone have experience with this problem?

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