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Re: RPi + Runeaudio +Wifi as Accesspoint

Postby dror » 25 Oct 2016, 09:19

Noticed (a while a go) that updating Rune revertes the refresh_nics, so one needs to repaste the lines.
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Re: RPi + Runeaudio +Wifi as Accesspoint

Postby BorGreiner » 14 Nov 2016, 23:02

Followed the instructions. Got it working but... Inbuilt WIFI that identifies itself as Cisco00068 has internet, my other dongle (that I can also connect to) has no internet access. I'd prefer vice versa, as dongle has better range.

Can some help me out here?
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Re: RPi + Runeaudio +Wifi as Accesspoint

Postby rlsten » 22 Jan 2017, 01:05

I have been unable to get this to work using a Raspberry Pi 3 internal wifi. I started with a fresh installation of the latest image, and then followed Frank's how to from page 2. The results of redis-cli hgetall AccessPoint were:

Code: Select all
1) "enabled"
2) "1"
3) "enable-NAT"
4) "1"
5) "ip-address"
6) ""
7) "broadcast"
8) ""
9) "ssid"
10) "RuneAudioAP"
11) "passphrase"
12) "RuneAudio"
13) "dhcp-range"
14) ",,24h"
15) "dhcp-option"
16) "option:dns-server,"

The results of /usr/sbin/hostapd /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf were:

Code: Select all
Configuration file: /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf
Failed to initate interface mon.wlan0: -95 (Operation not supported)
wlan0: Could not connect to kernel driver
Using interface wlan0 with hwaddr b8:27:eb:87:8c:51 and ssid "RuneAudioAP
wlan0: interface state UNINITIALIZED->ENABLED

When I tried to access the Pi from my Android phone, the RuneAudioAP was visible, but it was unable to obtain an IP address.

When I tried an iPad Pro, it seemed to be connected, but with no internet access; however, there was a continuous spinning and not a check mark for a connection, and the IP address was nowhere near the dhcp range.

Of course I could not connect to Rune at

When I tried the connection I had the /usr/sbin etc. command still running and got the following output:

Code: Select all
wlan0: STA [i]MAC ADDRESS OF MY IPAD[/i] IEEE 802.11:associated
wlan0: STA [i]MAC ADDRESS OF MY IPAD[/i] RADIUS: starting accounting session 9FD30F51A234569D5
wlan0: STA [i]MAC ADDRESS OF MY IPAD[/i] WPA: pairwise key handshake completed (RSN)

And then it froze.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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Re: RPi + Runeaudio +Wifi as Accesspoint

Postby rjm121012 » 14 Apr 2017, 05:11

This might not be the correct place to post, but I am interested in a variation of using the RPi as an WiFi AP.
I would like to ONLY CONTROL Runeaudio on a RPi-3 wirelessly using the RPi-3 imbedded Bluetooth.
I DO NOT want to stream audio wirelessly to or from the RPi. Audio is stored locally on USB and output to USB DAC.
I would think that Bluetooth would be ideal for this because it should be low bandwidth to just send play, pause, stop and skip commands to the RPi. Any thoughts on the feasibility of doing this? I am a RF hardware engineer and am not good with software.
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Re: RPi + Runeaudio +Wifi as Accesspoint

Postby hondagx35 » 14 Apr 2017, 14:29

Hi rjm121012,

maybe this is what you are searching.

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Re: RPi + Runeaudio +Wifi as Accesspoint

Postby rjm121012 » 16 Apr 2017, 08:08

I hadn't considered that method.
What I was looking for was to still use the RuneUI client on IOS and Android devices, but just change the communication from WiFi to Bluetooth.
For command only. No audio streaming.
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