[BugFix] HiFiBerry DAC+ HW Volume (RuneAudio 0.3-beta)

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Re: [BugFix] HiFiBerry DAC+ HW Volume (RuneAudio 0.3-beta)

Postby Tom2112 » 29 Nov 2016, 04:21

hondagx35 wrote:This is a known issue, but nothing we can solve at the moment.

So what would you recommend? Just use software volume control?

Does this affect all DACs? I'm experiencing it on my SainSmart SX400 (which pretends to be an IQaudIO DAC+).
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Re: [BugFix] HiFiBerry DAC+ HW Volume (RuneAudio 0.3-beta)

Postby bloodnok » 12 Dec 2016, 03:22

matt wrote:Thanks for this, I got it to work this time.
I also find that the volume control is really only usable between 60 and 100, can we fix this or is it a hardware issue?

I have just released a hack for this. There is an executable for Pi model 1 which you can try.

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Re: [BugFix] HiFiBerry DAC+ HW Volume (RuneAudio 0.3-beta)

Postby snafu » 10 Feb 2018, 19:35

Hmmm. When I run the "redis-cli.....", I get- "(interger) 0" displayed. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Then when I run the "refresh_ao" I get "command not found".
My guess is the refresh_ao error is a path related issue? Which folder does this command reside?

I'm using a HiFiBerry Dac+. It's working except the hardware volume control fails to work. Software enabled works, but it effects the sound quality. I'm hoping if I can get your command to work, it'll fix this.
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