Flash Rune to BBB eMMC

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Flash Rune to BBB eMMC

Postby Rick101 » 06 Feb 2017, 08:32

Is it possible to flash BBB eMMc with Rune or make BBB boot from SD card first?

Hope someone can provide a solution. It is not practical to press user boot button every time.

Many thanks.
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Re: Flash Rune to BBB eMMC

Postby mp29k » 06 Feb 2017, 18:21

I haven't been able to get it to work as you desire (I would prefer it also). I will say though, that it provides AMAZING sound for the little box it is. Stick with the hassle of pressing the boot button at each start-up, and you will be rewarded.

I would also love to be able to load it to the internal memory, if anyone knows how.
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