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Re: 3x powersupply for rpi

Postby Jp2018 » 15 Nov 2018, 13:05

I am going to do this same mod to Compute CM3L module, I am using the Geekworm IO board. I've looked at the schematic for the official evaluation board but mine is a little different, is there anyone here who could help me out, what needs to be removed and where to connect the regulators.

I've located the PAM2306 chip and the L1 and L2 inductors. The only thing that confuses me, is that there is a TPS61090 on the same area near the inductors, anyone have any idea is it on the 3.3V or 1.8V supply? If i just remove the inductors and use those pads as input for the new supplies, is that okay? And should I remove the PAM2306 or do I need to renomove the TPS61090 too? Or can they be left untouched if I remove the inductors?
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Re: 3x powersupply for rpi

Postby drone » 18 Nov 2018, 12:07


to make things a little bit clearer to me:

It would be better to feed the Pi with separate power supplies for 5V/3,3V/1,8V even if I use a DAC head with own "clean" power supply?



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