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Readwise rival or complementary tool?

PostPosted: 11 Apr 2024, 07:13
by NeerMohan
Delving into the digital realm, my recent discovery of has sparked an intense curiosity within me, particularly as a devoted patron of Readwise Reader. The allure lies in its potential to emerge as a formidable rival to the once-revered read-it-later application, boasting not only a captivating design but also a profound commitment to AI integration. While Readwise showcased a commendable beta version of its Reader app in late 2022, subsequent progress appears to have plateaued, notably in AI advancement. On the contrary, Cubox, with its establishment dating back to 2012, presents a contrasting narrative. Despite its enduring presence, observations reveal a lack of community engagement, notably absent on platforms like Discord and devoid of its subreddit. Thus, the pressing query arises: who among us has dared to tread the path of Cubox, forsaking the familiarity of Readwise Reader? Or perhaps, could koows they coexist harmoniously, considering Cubox's offering of one-way Readwise integration?