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can not turn on bluetooth

PostPosted: 09 May 2022, 17:00
by tsawyer
running raudio 20220428 on a 3b pi. I prob use this pi the least on my network so I can not say when exactly the problem occurred but I no longer can turn on bluetooth. I know I used it a few weeks ago and it was connected to a set of speakers about a foot away. now I see the bluetooth is inactive when I go to the system screen. when I try to enable it, I see the pop up saying enabling but then it slides itself back to inactive. is this something from an update or is it hw being a problem? I did not want to start adding packages onto the box unless I have some idea on how it would/ would not upset the existing config so I passed on installing blueman. anyone else having problems with bluetooth or has been using it on this version without a problem?