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New US Rune user, keyboard is set to qwertz [solved]

PostPosted: 23 Mar 2022, 23:27
by Jetm0t0
So I'm trying to get rune to work over a wifi dongle (hopefully that's possible?) and I am pretty sure I need the drivers installed, but I can't find any necessary keys like "/" because the keyboard was defaulted to qwertz which is german or something. Anyway I really hope this program works because Volumio has been beating me down with lack of support.

I have a Pi 2 B, and downloaded the 2 B rune software.

*Ok i got a standard keyboard layout with " localctl set-keymap defkeymap" and now it's what most people consider as normal :)
Now I just have to find the right drivers or package to get wlan0 up and recognized.

Re: New US Rune user, keyboard is set to qwertz

PostPosted: 24 Mar 2022, 23:09
by Jetm0t0
Never mind, I got volumio to work. Something is wrong with the app or my router is blocking, can't figure out which. But i'm just going to stick with Volumio for now.

And for anyone still struggling with german key layouts all you have to type is "loadkeys us" (for US keyboards). Or follow this guys post