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Rune Audio + Pi 4 + PICAN-M + Fusion NEMA2K Head Unit?

PostPosted: 26 Nov 2021, 18:44
by brucemac
I'm interested in connecting a Raspberry Pi 4 to my boat's audio system. I stumbled upon a boater's forum where a member was reviewing a Pi HAT, called PICAN-M. The PICAN-M allows the Pi to be powered by the NMEA 2000 connection.

What I'm interested in understanding is if anybody here knows if I could simply run a NMEA cable from the back of my Fusion Entertainment MS-RA70NSX head unit to this Pi 4 / PICAN-M solution and have it be powered? The goal would be to setup a media server with Rune OS and improve overall sound quality (maybe even with leveraging a USB-powered DAC) versus a traditional Bluetooth connection.

Thank you and please advise.

Re: Rune Audio + Pi 4 + PICAN-M + Fusion NEMA2K Head Unit?

PostPosted: 27 Nov 2021, 17:47
by brucemac
After more reading and research, I've determined that pursuing a NMEA powered Pi solution is not worth it for my use case.

The Fusion MS-RA70NSX that I purchased does not support "NRX", a term Fusion coined that is only currently available in their flagship RA670 and RA770 models. NRX essentially creates it's own NMEA 2K network. The RA70 series requires an existing NMEA drop/network and although this is fairly inexpensive and easy to do, I'd rather pursue utilizing 12V to USB to power the Pi and DAC.