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Auto start midori after crash

PostPosted: 02 May 2018, 09:12
by irishwill2008
Hey guys,

Most times if i run something heavy via midori (Load loads of music from USB lets say) it some times increases the CPU and memory to sky high and midori runs out of memory and crashes.. <-- understandable seeing as midori sucks! ._. Would of been better to have firefox or something more known and stable.

Getting to the point...
Is there a good way to restart midori after crash? Automatically that is? I can restart it manually via command line but i would like it to restart when it crashes. The crashes only generally happens when its loading a bunch of data but would love to have something setup so when it does happen it can reinstate itself and reload midori. I understand .xinitrc contains the load of midori in matchbox. Is there something like a while loop or something we can insert to check and if it fails... just reload it?

Would love some input on this!

Cheers guys!