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RuneAudio & Ecasound?

PostPosted: 13 Sep 2015, 16:20
by jmccanna
Hello. New user here. I purchased an Odroid C1+. I would like to use RuneAudio to put together a DSP crossover per this site: ... are-howto/

I would need to use ecasound. Does RuneAudio support ecasound?

Re: RuneAudio & Ecasound?

PostPosted: 13 Sep 2015, 18:55
by hondagx35
Hi jmccanna,

welcome to RuneAudio.

Nice project, please tell us a bit more about it.
- What sound card do you plan to use?
- For what speakers / amplifiers?

Does RuneAudio support ecasound?

What do you mean by support?

Rune Audio is based on Arch Linux and ecasound is available as package.
You can install it by:
Code: Select all
pacman -S ecasound

Ecasound can use mpd as input, so it fits nicely into the concept of Rune Audio.
The only problem is, that Rune has its hands on the mpd.conf file.
You can not modify this file without modifying Rune Audio.


Re: RuneAudio & Ecasound?

PostPosted: 27 Sep 2015, 18:01
by jmccanna
Hello All,

Thanks for the replies. I am using a newer external USB card that uses the CMedia CMI6620 chipset. The link is here: ... ge_o05_s00

I currently have ArchLinux installed on my Odroid and it works pretty well. When I run aplay -L the card shows up with all its PCM options. I can get speaker test to work fine to locate the analog outputs just fine. I recognize that this particular C-Media chip is not listed in the ALSA matrix. But since I can see it all and get surround sound to work it seems like I should be able to figure it out. Alas, I am not skilled enough I fear.

I have been successful in getting it to playback in surround sound using the PCM surround51 per the website I mentioned in the initial post - but only so long as the music file is load on the SD card internally. I am using the analog outputs and going out to a tri-amped setup. Two channels each for the sub woofers, mids and treble.

What I am having trouble with is getting the system to input audio from an external source through the USB card line-in, get processed by ecasound and then output through the analog outputs.

I am fairly comfortable with the command line but I fear my understanding of the inner workings of ALSA are limited.

Thanks, James

Re: RuneAudio & Ecasound?

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2015, 15:09
by jmccanna

I installed Rune and liked what I could understand thus far. I am not very good without a DE though.

So, I am replying to myself hoping to get this question answered.

In studying the website that prompted me to use ecasound i noted that the author implements mpd as well as an alternative to ecasound. Since RuneAudio uses mpd would this configuration with a multi-channel usb card be possible if I were to use Rune? I have pulled the text directly from his website. If so, this would be ideal as I really like how well-configured Rune is for audio.

MPD is a viable and highly configurable replacement for the squeezebox and other network media players. The xover/eq described here can be built into mpd quite easily. For example, to have mpd send its output through the 2-way crossover example above, you could put the following definition in your mpd.conf:

audio_output {
type "pipe"
name "DSP crossover/eq"
format "44100:32:2"
mixer_type "software"
command "ecasound -q -z:nodb -z:mixmode,sum
-a:pre -f:s32_le,2,44100 -i:stdin -pf:/etc/pre.ecp -o:loop,1
-a:woofer,tweeter -i:loop,1
-a:woofer -pf:/etc/woofer.ecp -chorder:1,2,0,0
-a:tweeter -pf:/etc/tweeter.ecp -chorder:0,0,1,2
-a:woofer,tweeter -f:16,4,44100 -o:alsa,surround51:Device

This creates an mpd output that pipes 32-bit stereo PCM to ecasound, which then applies the crossover and sends all 4 output channels to the soundcard. For this to work you’ll need to build mpd from source with --enable-pipe-output.

Thanks in advance!

Re: RuneAudio & Ecasound?

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2016, 06:20
by jmccanna

Posting a reply to my reply. Will the code above in my prior post editing the mdf.conf file break the use of RuneAudio? I am trying to find out if inserting the ecasound code within the mpd.conf will cause problems.



Re: RuneAudio & Ecasound?

PostPosted: 27 Oct 2016, 01:32
by jmccanna
Hello again,

I can see in folder mpd-rune there is a mpd .xz file with pipe-out enabled. When I run mpd -V I see that pipe out is not enabled. How do I switch to the pipe out enabled mpd please?

Thanks. James

Re: RuneAudio & Ecasound?

PostPosted: 27 Oct 2016, 02:37
by jmccanna
Hi. I had forvotten some of Arch. Figured it out. Thx.