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Help to keep it tidy

PostPosted: 13 Apr 2016, 07:23
by rikardo1979
I see you have a few moderators on board but not online very often
Like this morning the whole board was flooded by Korean spam and no one kill it quick.

I can offer help here as I have experience running and helping such projects, XDA Devs, OnPlus, XBian, etc...
I do moderation, administration, wordpress, forum admin myBB, phpBB, etc and have some spare time almost every day

Re: Help to keep it tidy

PostPosted: 14 Apr 2016, 01:44
by ACX
Hi rikardo1979,
It seems that the antispam system has temporarily failed. Luckly Frank took care of the problem as soon as he could.
Any help with the forum is welcome. I've seen that you already started to point new users to already existing threads and inviting them to use the search function before posting. This is a great start and it will surely save us a lot of time, thank you.