Wifi Settings Timeout

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Wifi Settings Timeout

Postby CrackerJB » 03 Aug 2022, 17:56

I am using a Pi4 with Rune Audio rel6 and a EE mobile router but it has an issue trying to connect to the WiFi. I power up the Pi4 and its comes up as normal with the GUI but its not connected. to the internet. If I go into the settings and reconnect manually its fine, so I assume there is a timeout value for WiFi that is being exceeded and so fails to connect on a normal power up sequence ? Does anyone know how to extend this timeout value setting or set it so the radio will not not fully boot up until the WiFi connection is made ?
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Re: Wifi Settings Timeout

Postby Therply » 25 May 2023, 11:11

Is this solved. Can you give me your method? I get the same problem.geometry dash bloodbath
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