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Wifi and Other Setup

Postby poseidon97 » 28 Dec 2019, 09:04

Now, everything works! Wifi, Android remote control and monitor.
I pulled out the sdcard and redid the setup to defaults, but added a Kuman sound card (mod the appropriate config line).
Monitor issue was (me) - should not have selected HDMI, I have DVI...
Will leave this post for others...
This worked: un-connect eth0, disconnect eth cable, leave wlan0 connected, physically power off (did NOT use menu>Turnoff)
Summary - These are my issues:
Can’t access via wlan.
Monitor is black (I un-commented config.txt lines indicating possible fixes).
Cannot access RuneAudio Remote from Android (without wlan…)
Can only access/edit files via computer and sdcard

Recommendations appreciated, THANKS!!
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