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Volume control "conflict" when using Bluetooth and Spotifyd

PostPosted: 10 Jan 2023, 13:32
by CasaDeBasa
Hi :geek:
I'm running rAudio on a Pi 3 B, with a HiFiBerry DAC+
I use it as a wireless receiver for my speakers - Spotify connect and Bluetooth from my Nest Mini.

When using Spotify - whenever I use the volume slider, the volume changes in ALSA and it's reflected in alsamixer.

The problem:
If I play spotify on 50% volume
And then switch to bluetooth playback
The volume remains at 50% in the mixer - too low
Raising the volume on the bluetooth 'sender' doesn't change the ALSA volume, so there is no way of raising the volume, except SSHing into the box and using alsamixer, or resetting the volume control in the UI

The perfect solution for me would be to have bluetooth playback set the ALSA volume to 100% (0db?)
That said, when switching back to Spotify I would like the volume to go back down to about 50%

How do I go about doing that? I've tried editing '/etc/alsa/conf.d/20-bluealsa.conf' and it seemed to work initially, but then spotify volume would be too high. Editing '/etc/spotifyd.conf' is no use because it's overwritten on boot.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated :idea: