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Some issues with latest versions

PostPosted: 18 Jan 2022, 13:47
by dragos_nedelcu
Hi! I am having a few issues with the last versions. Until yesterday, i was using 0.3, that was working perfectly. Yesterday i have upgraded to 0.4 and today to 0.5 with the last updates from 16-17 Jan 2022
1. There are certain folders that will not load. I discovered that deleting .cue files would make them readable though, but this is just a workaround. Is there a way i could read all folders without issues?
2. The remote control app has displaying problems and the scroll wheel doesn't work most of the time. Some of the lower buttons and bars don't display correctly or are incomplete (maybe a resolution issue???) and more importantly, the wheel to browse in a song doesn't work most of the time. It happened that it worked once or twice, but i never knew why.
3. On computer, while accessing the system by ip, the buttons are blank. They are there, but they have no text and no signs, they are just blank. So if i know where it is and what a button will do, i can use it, otherwise...

I am Running Raspberry pi 3B with Runeaudio 05 from 2 days ago (music is loading from external hdd, self powered, ~23k songs in the library; dac is external, Electrocompaniet ECI2), Android phone (Huawei P20), Windows 7 computer

Re: Some issues with latest versions

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2022, 14:22
by skycamel
i can confirm all the above issues.
Furthermore, in the settings for the scobbler there's no more Last.FM parameter and coverart on internet radio not working anymore.
Reverted back to version 0.22.6-3

Re: Some issues with latest versions

PostPosted: 27 Jan 2022, 17:23
by dragos_nedelcu
I should add more. Now the playlist is not displaying at all. No matter if i clean it, delete all and add other songs; nothing will display in the playlist.