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[solved] Runeaudio downrate with my dac

PostPosted: 09 Jun 2021, 16:54
by willou

At home, Runeaudio is running on a raspberry Pi 2, wired to a dac cambridge dacmagic 100 with a brand new usb 2.0 cable.
My DAC is supposed to support 192khz but when I read a 192 khz file it detects a 96 khz file.
On runeaudio GUI it indicates that the file is a 192khz file.
when I run cat /proc/asound/card1/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params
Code: Select all
format: S24_3LE
subformat: STD
channels: 2
rate: 96000 (96000/1)
period_size: 12000
buffer_size: 48000

I tested :
- new usb cable
- add format "192000:*:*" in the right audio_output in mpd.conf
- edit /etc/asound.conf with the rate I want on the right card

No effect, but if I change format in mpd.conf with values under 96khz, it works as expected.

Here's my /etc/mpd.conf :
Code: Select all
state_file      "/var/lib/mpd/mpdstate"
zeroconf_enabled        "yes"
zeroconf_name   "runeaudio"
bind_to_address "/run/mpd.sock"
bind_to_address         "any"
port    "6600"
max_connections         "20"
user    "mpd"
group   "audio"
db_file         "/var/lib/mpd/mpd.db"
sticker_file    "/var/lib/mpd/sticker.sql"
pid_file        "/var/run/mpd/pid"
music_directory         "/mnt/MPD"
playlist_directory      "/var/lib/mpd/playlists"
follow_outside_symlinks         "yes"
follow_inside_symlinks  "yes"
auto_update     "no"
filesystem_charset      "UTF-8"
id3v1_encoding  "UTF-8"
volume_normalization    "no"
audio_buffer_size       "2048"
buffer_before_play      "10%"
gapless_mp3_playback    "yes"
mixer_type      "disabled"

input {
        plugin  "curl"

decoder {
        plugin  "ffmpeg"
        enabled "yes"
replaygain      "off"

audio_output {
        name            "Cambridge AudioDAC100 USB 1"
        type            "alsa"
        device          "hw:1,0"
        auto_resample   "no"
        auto_format     "no"
        format          "192000:*:*"
        enabled         "yes"

audio_output {
        name            "bcm2835 ALSA_2"
        type            "alsa"
        device          "hw:0,0"
        auto_resample   "no"
        auto_format     "no"

audio_output {
        name            "bcm2835 ALSA_1"
        type            "alsa"
        device          "hw:0,0"
        auto_resample   "no"
        auto_format     "no"
"/etc/mpd.conf" 67 lines, 1317 characters

Thank you for your help!


Re: Runeaudio downrate with my dac

PostPosted: 10 Jun 2021, 12:27
by willou
I have more informations.

Obviously My dac, cambridge dac magic 100
I recognized as a usb audio 1 dac and not usb audio 2.0 what's needed to play rate over 96khz.
So my question would, how can i do to make mpd and alsa recognize my dac as a usb audio 2.0 dac.
On a market site it indicates that the dac needs a specific driver to do so on windows...

cat /proc/asound/card1/stream0:
Code: Select all
Cambridge Audio Cambridge AudioDAC100 USB 1 at usb-3f980000.usb-1.2, full speed : USB Audio

  Status: Running
    Interface = 1
    Altset = 1
    Packet Size = 582
    Momentary freq = 96006 Hz (0x60.0180)
    Feedback Format = 10.14
  Interface 1
    Altset 1
    Format: S24_3LE
    Channels: 2
    Endpoint: 1 OUT (ASYNC)
    Rates: 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000


Re: [solved] Runeaudio downrate with my dac

PostPosted: 10 Jun 2021, 14:23
by willou
Don't know how to significate my question was answererd, so edited the title.
No linux issue.
The fact is that to switch to USB audio class 2 on the cambridge dac magic 100 you have to put it on stand by mode, push and hold the source button and click on the poweron button in the same time.