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How to access my Raspberry Pi from outside my home while it

PostPosted: 12 May 2021, 10:45
by darecem414
Hi Community,

I have recently set up raspberry pi to act as a media center in my living room. It is permanently connected to a VPN (ProtonVPN).

I'd like to install some more services on it, but they'd only be useful if I tutuapp could access them outside my home. I tried vidmate the typical port forwarding on my router thing, which works well enough as long as the Pi is disconnected from the VPN.

I'm familiar with Linux but not so much with networking. From what I understand, when I initiate a connection with the Pi, the return answer comes from the VPN exit point and that prevents the connection from being established.

I feel like this isn't such an exotic use case, is there something obvious I'm missing?

Ephraim Ankunding