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Bluetooth Input

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2021, 21:02
by celster
Hi devs.

I'm new to RuneAudio and I find it super cool.

I have searched the forums though could not find a definitive answer, so asking here. Apologies if a similar question has been already asked. In that case, would be great if anyone can refer me to the most recent answer on this topic.

My stereo system is Shiit Audio Modi+ DAC -> Jolida Integrated Tube/Mosfet Hybrid Amp -> Acoustic Energy Pair of Speakers.
I would like to be able to send audio streams to this system from various computers and devices, such as Amazon Echo Dot, my LG CX TV, phones, etc.
A great way to do so would be having an RPi with RuneAudio when RPi with Rune can be a Bluetooth receiver (A2DP?) and output the stream via the Shiit Modi+ DAC.

Is such BT setting with RPi and RuneAudio possible?

Thank you all in advance!
-- Constantine.

Re: Bluetooth Input

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2021, 22:05
by Ears of Tin
Bluetooth sending and receiving is available with the latest version available here: