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Ways to make "new added music" play more often?

PostPosted: 08 Jan 2021, 14:06
by MusicLover22
Hi guys,

First of all, love runeaudio, i've setup my RPI to automatically add all music from a folder on my NAS and play it at random, it checks for updates every night and automatically adds it to the playlist. I like to have this as my personal "radio channel" where the music i like is playing at all times.

The only feature i am missing is to somehow make "new music" get played more often. Right now i have 900 music files in the folder and its very rare that anything new comes up.

Do any of you have any ideas how to make it play newly added files more often? Considering the playlist is just based on a directory listing from my mounted folder i figured maybe i can use the ls command and filter out any files older than 4 weeks and then add these to the playlist making it add multiple extra entries for the files that are new, the downside to this is that many of the same song may be played after each other which isn't great.

Any ideas how to better make it play new files more often? It would be a great addtitional feature to rune audio if not already available.

Re: Ways to make "new added music" play more often?

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2021, 14:50
by tsawyer
I haven't played with this type of function but there may need to be some manual work. I'm not sure what os you're running so (again, not looking to see if this is a function) if there is an import playlist, that may help you. from a linux box, you have some command like ls -t and ls -tr that would give you dates on things and windows dir /og-d and forfiles. the later does work on windows 10 but in the 3 mins I was trying it out, had some issues with it's parameters, no time to look into it now but all the commands should be able to be piped out to a file. an external box could have a script to cron/sched task to create an updated file and if there's an import playlist that may help you. I have a lot of music on my drives, I'd love to be able to see what's been newly updated but I don't use play lists. I pick what I want to hear bc it's too many files for random.

not the exact answer I think you were looking for but hopefully gives you an option

Re: Ways to make "new added music" play more often?

PostPosted: 04 Feb 2021, 17:58
by MusicLover22
Yeah i can pipe the ls command and filter out content older than x days or months, which in return i could run multiple ls commands with different filters resulting in multiple entries of content that is newer than x... The problem with this is its a big chance the same song will play many times in a row based on how many entries you let newer content have.

The best solution would be to build 2 different playlists, one playlist that is "older files" and one playlist that is "newer files" then have runeaudio statically switch between the playlists, lets say let runeaudio random 3 songs from the "older files" playlist then random 1 file from the "newer songs" playlist, then go back to 3 old, 1 new, in that order, everytime. That would be best but i am unsure on how to make rune audio do this for me.

If you have ideas they are welcome, cheers!