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Help with setup on Pi Zero W

PostPosted: 13 Nov 2020, 23:01
by OuttaHand
I've downloaded RuneAudio+R e6 and used Raspberry Pi Imager to install it in a 32 GB SD card.
I have the Pi Zero W unit up and running. I have gotten it set up to connect to my wireless network.
I CAN log into the device using the Web UI and also through SSH using PuTTY so I know it's connected to my network.

But I cannot get it to connect to either my NAS music repository, or to a USB thumb drive.

My music is on one drive in a D-Link DNS321 NAS device at
The hard drive in that unit is named Volume_1
And in there it is in a folder called Music
Inside of the Music folder there are dozens of other folders, one for each artist.
Inside of each artist's folder there are sub-folders for each album.
And in of those are the mp3 music files.

In the NAS UI I have set up a user and password with full R/W access to the drive that the music is on.

I CAN navigate to this drive and music from other Raspberry Pi and Windows units on my netetwork just fine.

In the RuneAudio settings I've gone into Sources, clicked to add a device and filled in the info:
Name: Music on Volume 1
Share Name: /Volume_1/Music
User: pi (this is the user name I gave it in the NAS settings)
Password: ******** (the password I assigned in the NAS settings)
Other: [blank]

I click 'OK' on this and go back to the Sources page. An icon blinks on the "Devices" line for a bit, then stops. But it does not add my music.

When I have the USB thumb drive plugged in, it shows up in the Devices list as "/mnt/MPD/USB/UDISK_2TB" (the "UDISK_2TB" is the name I gave the thumb drive when I formatted it.
But there is a red dot between that name and "/dev/sda1" I guess that indicates it isn't mounted (?)

When I go back to the main screen I hit the + sign at the top. I click on the USB icon and it just goes back to the Sources page.

So I need help figuring out why my RuneAudio setup cannot get to my music! I hope someone can point me in the right direction.
Thank you in advance!

Re: Help with setup on Pi Zero W

PostPosted: 13 Nov 2020, 23:39
by ceejayemm

I suspect you need to remove the spaces from the Name of your shared NAS drive so 'Music on Volume 1' might become 'Music_on_Volume_1' for example.

How did did you format your USB Drive and what file system did you give it ? Try again with FAT-16 or Ext4 if you can.


Re: Help with setup on Pi Zero W

PostPosted: 14 Nov 2020, 00:49
by OuttaHand
Chris -- thannk you!
I just went in and changed the name to eliminate the spaces. I put in underscores where spaces had been.
Didn't help

The USB thumb drive is formatted in exFAT format. I'll try formatting it differently and see if that helps.

Re: Help with setup on Pi Zero W

PostPosted: 14 Nov 2020, 15:19
by OuttaHand

I've done 2 things:

1) I put the USB thumb drive into a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and formatted it there using fdisk. It created the standard three Linux partitions.
I then used Linux command rsync and copied an entire folder of music onto the drive
I then put that stick into my Pi Zero W and booted into Rune Audio
In the Sources page it now lists 4 things:
/dev/mmcblk0p2 (this one shows the size and has a green dot. I'm sure this is the SD card the OS is on)
/mnt/MPD/USB /dev/sda1 (shows a red dot)
/mnt/MPD/USB /dev/sda2 (shows a red dot)
/mnt/MPD/USB /dev/sda3 (shows a red dot)

2) In my NAS I set up an NFS share for the music on my NAS. The NAS states that the path is "/mnt/HD_a2/Music " so in RuneAudio settings I put in:
Name: music
Share path: /mnt/HD_a2/Music
Options: [left this blank]

When I clicked "OK" on the Sourceis page, there was a blinking icon near the top of the Devices page in the Web UI. But that's all.

If I click on "Mounts" on the Sources page, it only shows the SD card that the OS is on.

I know I'm a newbie to Rune Audio, and something of a newbie to Linux, but I'm not a newbie to computers.
It seems like I'm doing everything right here, but nothing is working.

What am I doing wrong???

Re: Help with setup on Pi Zero W

PostPosted: 20 Nov 2020, 15:28
by OuttaHand
By the way -- if anyone is actually looking at this -- I still have NOT gotten this program to work.
I'm not real impressed by the program or the "support" at this point.

Is there any way to get my money back?

I have installed OSMC. It found the music on my NAS and plays it all.

Re: Help with setup on Pi Zero W

PostPosted: 20 Nov 2020, 22:57
by rastus
OuttaHand wrote:Is there any way to get my money back?


Re: Help with setup on Pi Zero W

PostPosted: 20 Nov 2020, 23:37
by hondagx35
Hi OuttaHand,

which money?
Did you donate to the project?
If so, please get in contact with ACX.