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Steinberg interface on Raspberry

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2020, 08:21
by ds_le_moulin

I have a Steinberg Ur22C I would like to use as a sound interface. It connects trough USB. Only reason I am willing to use it, is that sound quality is significantly better on this than trough any build in computer sound card. I listen to internet concerts and therefore, a good sound quality is very much enjoyed.

Situation : I connect the UR22 before starting the Raspberry. I boot it, and on volume button right click and select Steinberg UR22C. I understand that it has recognized what it is because it is in the menu. I reboot the Raspberry and..

Problem : there is absolutely no sound coming out of it.

Question : Would Rune Audio make that somehow work ? If no, does someone has an idea why it doesn't / won't work ? Has someone experimented successfully this combination ?

Thanks for your help !

Re: Steinberg interface on Raspberry

PostPosted: 10 Jul 2020, 06:52
by ds_le_moulin
I tried the quick start guide. There is something anyways that I didn't quite get : Raspberry has only one SD card spot, and after I went trough the procedure, it didn't start at all anymore.

I thought I could partition my SD card, but the option is not possible to activate.

Any hints ?