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Allo Shanti is coming to town...

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2019, 05:26
by tml3nr
i received Allo Shanti LPS yesterday. With rpi 2 and Boss Dac ver 1.1 the sound is amazing. High is better than ifi ipower 5V and some other LPS.

There are two 5V DC outputs on Shanti. 1.2A and 3.0A. Sounds cleaner when i use 1.2A.

Janui's RuneAudio 0.6 beta is awesome. i think he should release soon.

Many thanks RuneAudio team again. Especially for @janui, a friend who helped me a lot.



i have just test Rpi2 and Boss Dac ver 1.2 with 2 power by Shanti: Wonderful sound!