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Re: RuneAudio+R e2 - An improved version of RuneAudio

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2020, 16:16
by klassikmann
Ghost problem probably resolved
After investigation of some of my ghost-entries at "browse by coverart" I resolved the problem.

Cause: The file names of the coverarts in data/coverarts are generated using the ID3-tags of title and artist. If the tag values contain coincidentally double-blanks (0x2020) the double-blank in the corresponding file name is reduced to a single blank.
Consequence: The coverart can't be mapped to an entry in mpd database.


Re: RuneAudio+R e2 - An improved version of RuneAudio

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2020, 20:30
by find_nix
Hi rern!

This is my first post here, and i am not an english native speaker so please excuse my typos ;-)

I am running rune over years now and it becomes more and more perfect. I love the consequent puristic style.
Many, many thanks for your really great work! It enriches my daily live.

I run three instances with three different DACs (Pro-Ject DAC BOX S2+, Pro-Ject PRE BOX S2 and DragonFly RED)
The strange thing is, that the USB Driver for Pro-Ject DACs is reporting its name in the mixer control device with a tailing " " and mixer control "PCM" is not working in /etc/mpd.conf. So we need a stanza like this ...

Code: Select all
audio_output {
        name              "DAC Box S2+ USB"
        device            "hw:0,0"
        type              "alsa"
        auto_resample     "no"
        auto_format       "no"
        mixer_control     "DAC Box S2+ USB "
        mixer_device      "hw:0"
        dop               "yes"

After every update of Rune I have to insert my little fix to in /srv/http/settings/ enable the HW volume of any of my DACs permanently.

Please could you include a correction like this in the /srv/http/settings/ file in the e3 release. I did not try to understand the compete logic of this masterpiece (not kidding, i have 35+ years of unix experience), maybe there is a better place for doing this.

Code: Select all
#rb+ line ~54
mixer_control=$( amixer -c $card scontents | grep -B1 'pvolume' | grep 'Simple' | awk -F"['']" '{print $2}'| uniq )

I have written a well documented cookbook to implement IR-control in Rune with configuration files for
Musical Fidelity Mx , Denon RC-156 (PMA-480, 8xx, 9xx, ...) and Dummy for Logitech Harmony 650. There is a script
for automatically assign defined webradios to station keys on the RC too. If anyone is interested, please replay and I
will open a new threat for this.

I am using none of the fancy sort by what ever views. I am just browsing across my very well organized directory
structure. And this works perfectly for my way of selecting music. Please do not remove this feature.

Many Thanks again

Re: RuneAudio+R e2 - An improved version of RuneAudio

PostPosted: 29 Mar 2020, 14:49
by RolandBlaze
Can we poss have Spotify Connect support pleasey weasey ;) :)

Re: RuneAudio+R e2 - An improved version of RuneAudio

PostPosted: 30 Mar 2020, 09:32
by sagitter58
Hello everyone !
I with this image I can not run the 3.5 kuman brand diplay, I tried the various forum guides but I get a white screen.
does anyone have a guide to get this display working. Thanks
i apologize for english and translated with google.