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introducing myself

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2015, 12:33
by viklander
Hey all

I recently installed Runeaudio onto an extra raspberry I had and I'm ... voiceless.
This piece of software is excellent and allows for a low, low buget to have to equivalent of pricey hardware.
While I'm wandering thru the all the features and options, it came to my mind a few hours ago a missing one : the ability of recording a song you want to.
I'm a viola player and this morning I heard a very special jazzy version of 'bei mir bist du schein' that I would very seriously consider working on, either on my own or with my pals.
A 'rec' button would be a killer feature.
Is it not implemented because of copyright issues, or to prevent someone from recording internet :-) ?

Anyway, thanks for the wonderfull job and warn regards from northern France. And sorry if my English goes odd or weird, sometimes ...

Re: introducing myself

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2015, 00:37
by ACX
Hi viklander, welcome to this community.
A "rec" function is a bit out of scope in our context, and it will also depend on many variables like CPU power, write speed on disk, type of storage, etc etc, which may vary a lot across environments. So I see this very unlikely, at least at this stage of development.