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Playlist from different sources

PostPosted: 23 Aug 2016, 21:33
by gcastro000

I just started to play with Runeaudio and I like the interface however one thing that is missing is the capability of creating playlists with songs from different sources. For example songs from my Local NAS and from Spotify in the same playlist.

Can this be implemented? or there is some structural/design problem/limitation that will prevent to do it?

Also, it is not really easy to use playlists, they are not readily available from the main menu. It looks to me that the menu is more geared to configuration and not to playing/using. Probably all options except playing and Turn off should be under Settings.... so the Main menu should probably be something like

Local Music
Turn off

Thanks a lot


Re: Playlist from different sources

PostPosted: 24 Aug 2016, 00:18
by ACX
Hi Gustavo, the mixed source queue is currently not duable due to a design limitation, but it might be implemented in the future. The playlist entry in the main menu instead os easy and also useful, amd I already added it in the next version of the UI.

Re: Playlist from different sources

PostPosted: 02 Sep 2016, 02:53
by gcastro000
Thanks a lot for your answer and for the additional of the playlists in the menu.

I understand you guys are from Italy, I hope you and the people close to you are safe.