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Artist / album indexing

PostPosted: 08 Apr 2015, 11:19
by ianhaynes
When you have a large list of artists or albums, scrolling to the one you want becomes awkward. A method of indexing similar to Windows Phone would speed this up and make it a lot easier.

I've mocked up some screenshots to illustrate how this might work.

In the main list you have alphabetic indicators showing you where you are:

artist-list.png (18.28 KiB) Viewed 860 times

If you then click one of these index letters you get an alphabet list

alpha-index.png (12.39 KiB) Viewed 860 times

Clicking any of the letters takes you to that grouping on the artist/album list. An enhancement to this would be to dim letters where you have no entry.

This method works well on Windows Phone and could enhance the artists and album lists in Rune.

Re: Artist / album indexing

PostPosted: 08 Apr 2015, 16:34
by ACX
Hi, I'll try to recover kdubious's work and integrate it in the dev branch in time for the 0.4 release. The code in his pull request was doing exactly what you've described in your post.

Re: Artist / album indexing

PostPosted: 09 Apr 2015, 16:58
by dagsix
Something like this would be great!

Also might be useful for MPD to stick files that are missing tags/corrupt tags etc. in a separate folder. It is quite an issue to locate mp3s that aren't tagged properly when dealing with thousands of files.

I've manually sorted mp3 files alphabetically (as shown above) by directory and it seems to work really well in RuneAudio...


Re: Artist / album indexing

PostPosted: 26 Apr 2015, 10:50
by mika-nl
Sounds great ,

On phone it wil be much beter to find a Artist faster.
is it already in 0.4 beta ?

grtz MiKa

Re: Artist / album indexing

PostPosted: 01 May 2015, 15:58
by ACX
mika-nl wrote:is it already in 0.4 beta ?

It will be, probably.