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How to collect DEBUG info [since RuneAudio 0.3-alpha]

PostPosted: 17 Sep 2014, 23:27
by ACX
Since 0.3-alpha release we introduced an easier and more automated way to report your debug informations and help us to spot bugs. These are the updated instructions to do that in the correct way:

  1. In the RuneUI, go to MENU > Debug;
  2. Refresh the page a couple of times, waiting some seconds between every refresh
  3. Click the "COPY DATA TO CLIPBOARD" button;
  4. Go to and paste the debug output in the "New Paste" textarea. Leave the default options (Syntax Highlighting: None, Paste Expiration: Never, Paste Exposure: Public), give a name to il (e.g. RuneAudio debug info) and submit.
  5. Copy the url of the submitted Pastebin (e.g. and include it in your post here in the forum.