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Question for RuneAudio users regarding playlists

PostPosted: 23 Mar 2020, 13:38
by baiselmareo6
Hi everyone! I've been trying to create a "music box" for my family's home. Right now we use an iPod on a dock, but we want a solution that can play to multiple speakers and doesn't rely on Apple. So I have a Raspberry Pi 2 and 7 inch touchscreen running Volumio and accessing the network drive that all my music files live on. It works exactly how I want it to, except one thing: Playlists. We use MusicBee on a Windows PC to manage the music library, and Volumio doesn't have a way to interact with playlists from external sources (like .m3u playlists.)

So my question is, does RuneAudio have a way to import .m3u playlists? Or does anyone know of a similar distro that does?