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Streaming an online radio station through Rune...RP3

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2020, 04:47
by pnanna
Got the Rune Audio installed and have configured everything that makes sense to me.
So it sounds like some say that Rune will play a radio stream and others say no. Maybe it is dependent on the version?
I have downloaded the latest as of 2/24/2020 and can not decipher where the URL is suppose to go to play a stream
We have a small community radio station here in Boulder Creek (KBCZ) and people have been listening online at retail stores using a BARIX box to slurp the online content and play it.
Problem is... the BARIX has only a 64K buffer and with Comcast up here, we get frequent dropouts through the BARIX.
I hooked one up and streamed the URL on the BARIX and a desktop computer through the same LAN network switch.
The BARIX dropped out while the desktop was perfectly fine.
Asked the tech support and that's where I found out about the small buffer and that a desktop has more, which is why it had no problem with packet loss, etc.
So..... where do I input the stream in the Rune UI that comes up when connecting to it on a desktop over my network?
Any script changes?
I see where others have done it, but haven't been able to locate the info as to how.

Re: Streaming an online radio station through Rune...RP3

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2020, 18:14
by pnanna
Ok... I keep forgetting that with the minimization of web based apps, there is the "Where's Waldo" effect.
Poking around and I found the page for the radio stream address input.
Now to get the widgets from our station streaming provider and cross the fingers.
Does anyone know if there are constraints within Rune that relate to the stream compression speed and bandwidth params within the stream protocol?