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Re: ODROID C1 & C1+ now officially supported by RuneAudio

PostPosted: 15 Jul 2019, 17:22
by KameleonUK
Would RuneAudio support I2S output on Odroid C1+ ?

Pulseaudio equalizer

PostPosted: 16 Nov 2019, 12:04
by fuddyduddy

Having just had an audio test I've had my suspicions confirmed that I'm experiencing the "canonical" decline in my hearing for my age-group (80 +), exhibiting a distinct falling-off in the 2 to 5 KHz part of the spectrum (and progressively more at higher frequencies). Up to 5KHz I'm still hearing "normally" (ie up to 60 dB) and above that I hear at least something! However from 2 KHz upwards attenuation - very mild at first - begins to set in.

I mentioned the 2 - 5 KHz range (above) because that's where speech starts being affected I was told - consonants begin to get progressively less audible (vowels are still unaffected) and that causes speech to start to become more blurry - which is exactly what I had begun to notice, albeit a fairly subtle effect, and which prompted me to have the hearing-test.

So, this doesn't mean I need a hearing-aid. But it does mean that I could benefit considerably from having an equalizer in the signal-path. Hence this post.

I've been looking into how I might be able to achieve that. A hardware component is out of the question (too expensive, bulky, overkill...) but it seems to me that Pulseaudio might give me just what I need. Here's the outcome of my attempt to explore that possibility - using the command-line for an ArchLinux install
Code: Select all
login as: root
root@'s password:

RuneOs: 0.3-alpha (build 20140709)
RuneUI: 1.3-alpha
Hw-env: Odroid C1
ported by Frank Friedmann (aka hondagx35)
Last login: Fri Nov 15 14:19:03 2019 from
[root@runeaudio ~]# ls -a
.   .bash_history  .lesshst           brutfir  mpd-rune
..  .cache         .rediscli_history  build

[root@runeaudio ~]# sudo pacman -S pulseaudio-equalizer
resolving dependencies...
:: There are 5 providers available for libgl:
:: Repository extra
   1) mesa-libgl
:: Repository alarm
   2) gpu-viv-bin-mx6q-dfb  3) gpu-viv-bin-mx6q-fb  4) gpu-viv-bin-mx6q-wl
   5) gpu-viv-bin-mx6q-x11

Enter a number (default=1): 1
looking for conflicting packages...

Packages (45) damageproto-1.2.1-3  desktop-file-utils-0.22-1  elfutils-0.163-1
              fftw-3.3.4-1  fontconfig-2.11.1-2  freetype2-2.6-1
              graphite-1:1.3.0-1  gst-plugins-base-libs-1.4.5-1
              gstreamer-1.4.5-1  harfbuzz-1.0.1-1  hicolor-icon-theme-0.15-1
              lcms2-2.7-1  libdrm-2.4.64-1  libmng-2.0.3-1
              libomxil-bellagio-0.9.3-1  libpciaccess-0.13.4-1
              libtxc_dxtn-1.0.1-6  libxdamage-1.1.4-2  libxmu-1.1.2-1
              libxrandr-1.5.0-1  libxrender-0.9.9-1  libxshmfence-1.2-1
              libxt-1.1.5-1  libxv-1.0.10-1  libxxf86vm-1.1.4-1
              llvm-libs-3.6.2-3  mesa-10.6.5-1  mesa-libgl-10.6.5-1
              pyqt4-common-4.11.4-1  python-3.4.3-2  python-dbus-1.2.0-4
              python-dbus-common-1.2.0-4  python-pyqt4-4.11.4-1
              python-sip-4.16.9-1  qt4-4.8.7-2  qtwebkit-2.3.4-2
              randrproto-1.5.0-1  renderproto-0.11.1-3  sip-4.16.9-1
              videoproto-2.3.2-1  wayland-1.8.1-1
              xdg-utils-1.1.0.git20150323-1  xf86vidmodeproto-2.3.1-3
              xorg-xset-1.2.3-1  pulseaudio-equalizer-6.0-2

Total Download Size:    57.05 MiB
Total Installed Size:  286.92 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]
I've no idea whether I should answer yes or no.

May I please have your advice?

debug info url:-

Re: ODROID C1 & C1+ now officially supported by RuneAudio

PostPosted: 25 Nov 2019, 14:39
by fuddyduddy

Re: ODROID C1 & C1+ now officially supported by RuneAudio

PostPosted: 25 Nov 2019, 17:22
by hondagx35

i would try to go with Alsaequal.
See also here post11556.html?hilit=Alsaequal#p11556


Re: ODROID C1 & C1+ now officially supported by RuneAudio

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2019, 19:02
by fuddyduddy
Hi Frank

Thanks for the reply.

I'll work on that.