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Question about noise cancelling Microphones

PostPosted: 11 Jul 2017, 20:56
by RonyBelt
I have constructed a noise canceling Microphone utilizing EK-23133-A21 single supply yet I am experiencing issues understanding the noise canceling Circuit IC.

It contains the EK-23133-A21, (Frequency-100Hz ~ 6kHz - -54dB ±3dB @ 74dB SPL) with 1.3v.

Can anyone please help me the detailed of noise canceling frequency?

Sensitivity W/M 54db±3dB-74dB SPL between 65db±5dB-85dB
Air pumping Capacity 7mm³ and fo 480Hz
Frequency Range 450-8000Hz
Maximum Sine Power 10mW
SPL 110dB max sine power