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Runeaudio FM Broadcast station

PostPosted: 04 Apr 2020, 16:22
by toreador
First of all, thank you all the developers and enthusiast that made this great piece of software. I wanted to tell firstly I used to just play music in my house, as I think it was intended to be but today I moved forward to a different use of it.

I have a 200 Watts FM Transmitter in a Broadcast center located in a mountain near my city, it was just occupying a frequency white noising because a client went out of business and I own several set of tx fqcies. It has a Barix Exstreamer 105 connected to receive PTP streaming services so I used my old raspberry pi b+ 2014 connected to my music library.
Now I have exposed UI and httpd service from Runeaudio so the streamer can connect and request continuous playback from Runeaudio.
It is a common setup, i didn't modify any further its configuration, just mpd.conf to open httpd output.
If anyone wants to connect a decoder like Barix, i can inform it only accept an ogg vorbis format (also supports mp3 but I couldn't see it on runeaudio encoding).
I can easily manage as always my playlist from smartphone, going outside with 4G and change "on the go" the streaming content.
Just wanted to text this to thank you, I only want to use it for testing until some new client contact me to Broadcast their studio FM station.
Wanted to let you know about different uses for this precious app

Re: Runeaudio FM Broadcast station

PostPosted: 14 Apr 2020, 10:17
by LeighP
It's a great use of RuneAudio - two players and a silence detector is all you'd need - one playing 24/7 and another with occasional announcements.