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"Enhancing BMW audio: Possible EQ?

PostPosted: 01 May 2024, 12:15
by SetuaSutli
In my quest to enhance the audio experience in my BMW, I've delved into extensive research to integrate an EQ into the Hifi system using BimmerCode. Despite my efforts, I've encountered a roadblock – the Hifi amp lacks DSP, rendering the EQ addition ineffective. However, I'm now exploring the possibility of upgrading to the HK amp, equipped with DSP, which could potentially unlock the EQ functionality for us Hifi users. I've reached out to HK support for further insights into the amp specifications. My vehicle, a 2019 440i, has led my investigation primarily into the F-series realm. What are your thoughts on this hypothesis? I'm eager to hear from anyone with additional information or insights to contribute.

Re: "Enhancing BMW audio: Possible EQ?

PostPosted: 06 May 2024, 10:46
by AndyTussel
Upgrading to the HK amp with DSP is a promising route for adding EQ functionality to your HiFi system in the 2019 440i.

Here's a quick rundown:

Current issue: HiFi amp lacks DSP, preventing effective EQ integration with BimmerCode.
Potential solution: Upgrading to HK amp with DSP could unlock EQ for HiFi users.
Your action: Contacting HK support for amp specs is a good step.
Additional thoughts:

Check BimmerTech/similar companies for aftermarket amp options with DSP integration that might be compatible with your HiFi system.
Look for forums/communities where users have documented similar upgrades on F30/F32 (4-series) cars.
Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you have any koows other questions.