intergrating a stream service into rune

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intergrating a stream service into rune

Postby tartarus » 09 Dec 2019, 04:37

Why We Are Addicted to Online Apparel Shopping

Have you ever seen the movie “Confession of a Shopaholic?” Do you want to confess to your friends and family that you saw yourself in the movie? Many consumers do! Remember the main character, Rebecca, in bright cheerful clothes walking past the shopping mall window?

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It was as if the mannequin seemed to lure her inside. That might be each of us when going on a shopping trip, but also when we are at home on the couch with our laptops, browsing the world wide web of online stores. We easily get caught up on a beautiful site showing us all the clothes, accessories, and shoes we think we need to have. Before you know it, you end up with hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in the shopping cart. We might regret it later when the credit card statements come, but for now, we are giggly with excitement. Can we get addicted to online apparel shopping? We certainly can, and a lot of us already are.


The Convenience

With the ease of a few clicks, it is too convenient for us to decide not to go shopping. No more getting in your car and driving to the mall, it cost too much in gas. No more walking around window shopping, it cost too much in time. And the dreadful changing room with its curtain not wide enough to conceal, the store clerks with many questions and suggestions, the judging looks from the other customers with perfect bodies. All these reasons make online shopping a dream come true.

The Abundant Information

Understanding customers’ needs to be able to visualize how the clothes or shoes will fit, brands provide more detailed measurements, forms, and fabrics on their website. Some even have videos showing actual models wearing the shoes or dress for guidance. In addition, sites are designed to learn customers’ tendencies and favorites, thus able to show items categorized as a “recommendation”, “you might also like” or “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” after you added an Amazon product into your cart. The site has replaced a store clerk and become your own personal stylist in the privacy of your home. Furthermore, sites dedicated large amount of data for Image Top product reviews Thekinglive guide for real life customers to share their thoughts and information, which give you the feeling like you’re shopping with a couple of close friends instead of browsing the website at home alone.


The Free Shipping and Free Return Policy

Back in the day, people liked to visit stores to physically try on clothes and shoes to make sure they fit before making a purchase. Not only do online stores provide more information to assist your decision making, but also they allow you to get your clothes or shoes with free shipping and free return after you commit to spend a certain amount of money. Most stores, online or physical, promise to accept a return with full refund within 30 days from the purchase date with no questions asked. Most online stores even provide a packing slip and prepaid labels inside the shipping box in case you want to change your mind about keeping the item. What do you have to lose if you buy more than you need, then return them later if you don’t truly love them, right? But the majority of customers either fail to return within the return window, or accidentally lose the tag or receipt, or simply fall in love with everything they bought (that they might not need in the first place).

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Final Thoughts

We cannot dismiss the convenience that online apparel shopping brings to our lives. However, we need to be conscious in using online shopping websites to avoid being sucked into their scheme. To start, you should make a list of things you actually need, and then research them carefully to find the best price with the best shipping and return policy before you make any online purchase decision.
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Re: intergrating a stream service into rune

Postby eea123 » 10 Dec 2019, 16:18

Tartarus, I assume you've tried the "MyWebradios"? I think the commercial services are the challenge, but there are a number of public radio sources that you can add.
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